CBS Introduction
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Common Build System Introduction
I am still a least one half year from releasing something, but I can try to explain the basic idea.

Simple example from my actual codebase. CBS (Common Build System) makefiles for zlib and libpng, which depends on zlib (install stuff not included):
ADD_SOURCE_FILE ( adler32.c     ) 
ADD_SOURCE_FILE ( compress.c    ) 
ADD_SOURCE_FILE ( inffast.c     )
ADD_DEPENDS_ON (  z  )  
ADD_SOURCE_FILE ( png.c     )
ADD_SOURCE_FILE ( pngerror.c    )
ADD_SOURCE_FILE ( pngwutil.c    )

Note the ADD_DEPENDS_ON ( z ) for png. This single line takes care of all needed includes, linkdirs/libraries etc. thats neeeded to compile and link libpng. For additional include use ADD_INCLUDE_DIR.

In the (in time hopefully rare) cases where you depend on external libraries you use ADD_LINK_DIR, ADD_LINK_LIBRARY

Some other ADD_XX commands
In case you need to add defines you can do ADD_DEFINE or ADD_PUBLIC_DEFINE

I even made an ADD_SOURCE_FILE_QT which adds a C++ file for normal compilation and if there's an associated header call the moc compiler on that and adds the generated source file to the list of sources. Have also easy handling of flex,bison and in the cbs-files for Mozilla also support for their IDL files using the IDL compiler built in same pass using CBS/CMake.

There are currently a script which simplifies the generation of makefiles for out of source build for all targets. Simply write:
 ' -g kdev -b debug -l static'  Debug in KDevelop. All libs default built static
' -g vc8 -l shared'  Create VC8 files. All libs default built as DLL's

Also shellscripts/bat files for the most common uses so you at least in Windows never need to see the command line: Just doubleclick a bat file and go open you project in Visual Studio.

About the command line script I do plan for it to also have a GUI at some point similar to Visual Studios Solution Explorer, where you can set your build options add files etc. To make a GUI tool as easy as possible to create I strive to keep the source makefiles really simple like lines of ADD_XX () so parsing and manipulating them from a GUI tool can be done.

Main configuration file
Lastly I should mention some of the cool stuff you can do in the main configuration file, by this example from (again from my actual codebase):
SET ( z_USE     SYSTEM   ) # Use system version (currently not Windows)
SET ( png_USE   BUILD    ) # Build from sources in this project
SET ( bz2_USE   PREBUILT ) # Prebuilt (with CBS) from othter source tree.

SET ( z_LINK_TYPE STATIC  ) # Build/use zlib static event though current default for project as a whole is to make shared libs/DLLs.

As you can see it's possible to intermix the usage of shared/static, own built with a system installed library etc. all from one central place. One hassle for instance getting gcc to use and link with a static version of a system installed library like z(lib) in the example configuration file is also solved since I simply copy static librairies from system dirs to own link dir and directs the linker to look there first - This way gcc is forced to use the static version since the shared one is not present in the same dir.

About an alternate "CMakeLists.txt" name
So the reason I need an anternative name for the CMakeLists.txt file is that I wan't CBS makefiles to be able to live side by side with a projects own CMake files. So far the only project I am considering creating CBS files for, which allready uses CMake is KDE, but that might change and I would like allready now to be able to rename my files in preparation and also because I might try and convert KDE in the not too far future. Either I would like my allready (to cmake mailing list proposed patch) to add an "-f" option specifying the name of the CMakefile or as the very least just an alternative name called

Contact - Help really needed since it's a big project :-)
Martin L :

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